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Move In Less Steps

Anyone who has moved before knows the lengthly process that traditional moving hassles create.

Choosing the American Portable brand moving storage containers removes much of the hassle from moving. For most of us, the thought of preparing to move can cause a bit of apprehension. As moving day approaches, we know what can lie in store – the ever dreaded entailed process of renting the moving van.

At American Portable, we believe your moving day should be the least of your worries. We’ve taken the guess work and frustration out of moving because at American Portable, we’re geared toward bringing our customers a no resistance, full assistance approach. Our portable self storage units are delivered directly to your home or place of business which eliminates the need to rent a moving van or trailer or even procure a traditional self storage unit. Our containers are designed to fit in approximately the same space required to park a compact car. These temporary portable storage units are the ideal choice for many situations. For a visual representation of many of the advantages, see our Compare Us page.

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