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Agent Opportunities

Dear Prospective Authorized Agent,

We at American Portable Mini Storage™ thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorized Agent with us. We are really proud of the progress we have made since our beginning and are excited that you are interested in being a part of our future.

Entrepreneur Magazine, in its In the Know predictions for 2006 ranked “Business Services” and “Home Improvement” as two of the fastest growing segments for franchise opportunities. The explosive growth of both of these market segments, combined with favorable interest rates leading to increased home sales, will make the emerging portable storage industry highly active and lucrative. We believe we are on the verge of a very attractive business opportunity. We very much want to share our vision and growth with like-minded business people.

We are committed to being reliable and consistent in our service. We want our franchisees to be just as reliable and consistent in the way they run their businesses. Our units are manufactured to require little maintenance and to have a life expectancy in excess of fifteen years. Maintaining the quality of our products and brand is very important to us.

American Portable Mini Storage™ is pleased to be the first to offer individual climate controlled storage units. Our web-based custom management suite provides scheduling, front office accounting, reporting and communication. Hand held tablet-based computers keep drivers in touch with the office. These and other innovations have placed us in a position where we are poised for growth.

Initial capital requirements are modest; required training is minimal; our systems are in place; many exclusive territories are available.

American Portable Mini Storage™ is ready to continue to expand in their most popular areas as well as in new areas. We are going to continue to grow with entrepreneurs like you. Thank you again for your interest.


Why should I start a business in the portable storage sector?

Growth in the portable storage industry is rising quickly. The need for storage continues to grow in accordance with the rise in population and wealth. We are on the brink of a very attractive business opportunity. Our aim is to share our vision, passion and growth potential with like-minded business people. This is a very young and dynamic sector, having started less than ten years ago. The opportunity is well suited for individuals and small groups of entrepreneurs with drive, audacity and a willingness to help blaze this relatively new trail.

Why should I become an Authorized Agent with American Portable Mini Storage™ as opposed to other portable storage companies?

  1. Low cost of entry – American Portable’s average start up costs and fees are lower than other portable storage companies
    • Pods Inc. charges $75,000.00 per 400,000 population according to their franchise brochure.
    • Pack Rat charges $100,000.00 per 500,000 population according to their franchise brochure.
    • American Portable wants to make sure you are as prosperous as possible so we kept our fees to $25k per 400,000 population. Great training, Great Support, Great Systems – Less Money!
  2. Nationally recognized brand name
  3. Higher profit margins due to low cost of entry
  4. Individual authorized agents determine pricing based on zip codes
    • Our Agents set their pricing according to what their market will bear.
  5. Software – Customer software as part of the authorized agent agreement:
    • Rentals by customers (P.O.S.)
    • Scheduling of deliveries
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Automatic Recurring Billing
    • Interfaces to Back Office Accounting systems
  6. Innovation
    • Originators of individual climate controlled units
      • This units is fully insulated and holds temperature and humidity while being plugged into any regular outlet.
    • Originators of the panelized portable storage units for delivery to our authorized agents
      • In another attempt to help the bottom line of our authorized agents, we developed the panelized unit. We can now get 12 units on the same tractor trailer that our competition can only get four (4) on. This saves our authorized agents money in shipping.
    • Delivery Scheduling:
      • Handheld computers – Constantly transferring data to the main system in real time
        • Drivers have their schedules updated in real time maximizing logistical planning.
        • Drivers have inventory maintenance controls in real time.
        • Drivers have the ability to enter hand written notes about any situation.
      • Track and synchronize deliveries
      • Provide delivery directions
      • Reschedule and confirm deliveries
    • Automated Call Center
      • All Calls are digitally recorded for training and quality assurances
  7. Delivery System
    • American Portable has what many experts agree is the most flexible delivery system in the portable storage industry.
      • We use a off the shelf Knuckle Boom Crane Truck used in the materials delivery industry millions of times around the world.
      • Our buildings are specifically designed to be picked up full and moved using this system
      • Our building stays level all through the lifting process
      • We have no problems setting units on inclined driveways, declined driveways, dirt, stone, grass, American Portable can stay on the street and set a unit on a fresh black top driveway without worry that our truck is going to do damage.
      • We have even had our truck on driveways on one side of fences and set the unit on the other side of 6′ tall fences where trucks couldn’t get close to. Let’s see the Pods, Pack Rat, or other competition do that!

What are the qualification criteria? What are the financial requirements?

We prefer to recruit a proven small business owner (entrepreneur) who has experience in running a business. Equally important is the attitude it takes to run it successfully and a willingness to go to any length to create success. To become an American Portable Mini Storage™ authorized agent, you need $25,000 cash (minimum authorized agent fee) and the initial operating capital. Start up cost has been under $100,000 in some instances. Typically you will need the ability to raise $400,000 (or more) by some means. We work with several financial institutions to help you.

  1. Initial Start-up Capital (* Used – ** New)
    • Property to store units (one acre or more)
    • Storage Units: 12-24 units to start ($2,700 each average)
    • Vehicle to transport units ($60,000* – $150,000**)
    • Local Advertising ($12,000 minimum/year)
    • Personnel:
      • Customer Service Represenative
      • Driver (Per trip compensation)
      • Bookkeeper (part time)
  2. Typical office expenses (telephones, computers, rent, insurance, etc.)

What are the agreement terms?

The agreement terms are a 10-year agreement with a self-renewing clause. American Portable receives 7% of gross sales (licensing fee) for the life of the agreement (a minimum of $4,000 per year). There is also a 3% marketing/advertising fee.

How much can I expect to earn?

Growth is dependent upon the territory in which the authorized agent is established, marketing efforts and your own abilities. In a sample market with a population of a 350,000, revenues exceeding $25,000 monthly are anticipated within 3 years. Our authorized agent consulting experts can help you to estimate the market and earnings potential in your area.

What are the operational requirements to run an American Portable Mini Storage?

To operate successfully, you need units, warehousing or open land for unit storage, a customer service representative, driver(s), office space and business telephone numbers. As part of the ramp-up procedure, we will train you and your staff on the use of our custom software and website (provided), delivery, handling, storage and maintenance of units, local marketing and customer interaction. Our objective of accelerated, planned growth is dependent on us making it as painless as possible for you to get fully operational as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What systems are in place to aid in the daily operation?

All American Portable authorized agents have access to safe, secure and flexible software that allows online ordering and management by designated personnel. This software includes these features to assist in daily business operations and logistics:

  • Schedules all tasks and deliveries
  • Custom pricing based on zip codes
  • Create a price quote based on zip codes and unit sizes
  • Collects credit card payments
  • Recurring billing
  • Calculation of sales/use taxes
  • Allows creation of custom notes (special instructions) based on zip codes for the customer
  • Customer export function that allows the generation of lists for mass mailing
  • Secure extranet website
  • Financial and scheduling reports

What marketing support/materials are authorized agents entitled to?

  • Listings on major search directories
  • Use of the American Portable Mini Storage™ brand
  • Use of APMSI logos and identifying trademarks
  • Website and Search Engine Optimization
  • Business card layouts
  • Brochure layouts
  • Graphic standards for all other print media

How are territories assigned?

Our business development group will work with you to select a territory in your area. Our territories are generally drawn on county lines. Target population is 350,000. Your initial authorized agent fee guarantees exclusive access to your assigned territory.

My question isn’t answered here. What can I do?

We’d love to have to opportunity to discuss whether our objectives, plans, priorities and vision matches yours. Fill out our Authorized Agent Opportunity form, or, if you prefer, call or email us. Thanks for your interest.