Traditional Moving Hassles

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Traditional Moving Hassles

Traditionally, moving has been an ordeal for home owners and business people alike. Typical experiences were often like these…

First, I had to find a reputable dealer from whom to rent a moving van. Next, I had to schedule a time, often far in advance, to reserve the moving van. The clerk on the other end of the line was short and disinterested; somewhat understandable since the primary business of the establishment is dispensing gas… (renting moving trucks and trailers – merely a sideline.)

Having secured the van (is it the right size?) reservation, I attempt to get directions to the moving storage van rental business (a gas station). It’s not in the greatest section of town, but this is the third moving van and trailer company I’ve called, and time is running short…

A few days later, I call again for directions. (I lost the first set in the rush to get that first phone call over with.) I wait for my spouse (not one, but two drivers are needed) to get home before beginning the drive across town. (I wouldn’t dream of leaving my car in that part of town unattended.)

I could go on, but suspect you have had similar experiences… filling the van with gas, backing it up, is it clean?, does my auto insurance cover my driving this house on wheels?

It’s reasons such as these that really truly make moving a larger hassle than it needs to be and creates that dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach when moving day finally arrives. Today there’s a new and improved avenue to take when planning for and executing your move. If you’d like to experience the most efficient & hassle free way to move, visit our Better Moving Solutions Page to learn how American Portable can work wonders for you.

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